Tomorrow’s Older People

Tomorrow’s Older People is a Community Fund programme led by Kinworks. We want to transform the ways communities collaborate in order to reduce the likelihood of social isolation and improve quality of life as we grow older. The project aims to involve local people and organisations in proactively designing the services and supports available to them. We’re working across two areas in Scotland; the town of Ayr and the local authority area of East Renfrewshire.

During our first year of work we have focused on community engagement and local insight gathering.

We have raised awareness about and created new opportunities to get involved in conversations about ageing. We have engaged with communities to generate new knowledge and understanding of the experience of loneliness and we have also begun to form new networks around things that are important to the community.


When are we lonely?

From conversations we’ve had with members of the community and professionals alike, we have discovered that at different points in our lives, particularly around big life changes, we can be more vulnerable to becoming lonely or isolated. Whether it’s recovering from addiction, the death of a loved one, moving to a new town, leaving work or any change that overhauls our status quo, we can find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment where the support network we once knew has shifted drastically.

An important part of our work so far has been about bringing together an exciting, diverse group, from education, law, community banks, social work, health care and transport, all of whom want to help connect people to their communities. We can encourage people to think about what they want and need from their towns while making sure local assets are accessible and welcoming to all members of the community.

Our belief is that connected communities can better look after local people by making sure that no-one falls through the gaps.