#AyrCoLab Gathering 1

It was good to welcome you to the first Tomorrow’s Older People workshop at the Ayr United Ground on Thursday 30th August. This is the first of many gatherings we’ll host over the next 18 months. Tomorrow’s Older People aims to connect local people, organisations and groups with an interest in reducing loneliness and supporting everyone to have a happy older age. We are not here to ‘provide a service’ and leave: instead, we are here to make the connections between people who want to make a difference, and where there’s the will to change things for the better, we will help get things started.


At the meeting, people shared their own personal stories and those of family and friends. We had different perspectives and there were times where it felt like we were all speaking different languages! But we shared a wish to help connect people and work our way through the barriers and challenges together. Talking helps us to get to know one another, share ideas and learn to trust one another a bit more. Hearing different people’s views on what works and what doesn’t helps us to see things differently. And, before we do things differently, we need to see things differently. Nonetheless, nothing changes unless we change what we’re doing and sometimes the best thing to do is just get started and see what happens. So, in our groups, we decided where we could make a start.

The Tomorrow’s Older People team will help get things going and help to gather what we learn along the way. Then, we’ll get back together again and see where we need to go next!