#EastRenCoLab Gathering 1

Thank you for participating in the first East Renfrewshire Tommorrow’s Older People gathering. It was great to see everyone, to hear the thoughtful conversation and feel the energy and passion for making things better for people in

East Ren. Thanks also to those who came from outside the area to share their experience and ideas. Taking part were people from community groups and organisations, private businesses, social enterprises, interested members of the community, public sector officers and councillors.

Tomorrow’s Older People is different from many third-sector initiatives: We have not been funded to run a service for a couple of years or until the funding runs out. Tomorrow’s Older People aims to support local people and organisations to work differently together,

to combine skills, knowledge, ideas and resources to make a greater, sustainable social impact. We’re interested in getting people to think about their older age and get involved in making changes now for a happy and connected life as they get older.

We’ve been out and about, talking to people about older age and gaining insights into what can lead people to become lonely or isolated.

They’ve told us that it can be difficult to make new friends as they get older, that life events like having children, divorce, moving home and bereavement can lead to loneliness. Talking to tomorrow’s older people, those in their 40s, 50s and 60s, there was general agreement that in their older age, they didn’t want what is available now. Experience of current services, perhaps through looking after older parents, reinforced this view. These insights got our discussion started.

We talked about the things we knew about that are working well and things that need to be worked on and improved. Our aim is to collaborate to make a difference together.

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