East Renfrewshire Carers Strategy: Cafe Conversation


On the 20th of April the Care Collective held our first Café Conversation in Barrhead.  Nearly 40 people came together to talk about how we support carers better.  

Through a series of small group discussions, we explored three questions:

  • What does ‘care’ mean to you?

  • What might help you to take better care?

  • How might we work better together in East Ren to take better care of each other?

A full summary of themes that came up through these discussions can be read by clicking the download PDF button below.  

Perhaps these topics and opinions will sound familiar to you?  Or maybe your experience is quite different? Let us know what you think

We all know someone who cares for a loved one, perhaps in the short term to get over ill health, or maybe as a permanent feature of their family life.  Why not give them a bit of your time and ask them how they’re doing?  Open conversation will help end the stigma and connect people to support when they need it.  It’s good to talk.

We want to keep the conversation going.  If you would like to host a Conversation Café or get involved with the Care Collective, please get in touch and we will help you to make it happen.