Our approach has four reinforcing strands of activity that combine to bring about a comprehensive approach to sustainable social change.  Each strand is supported by a range of tools, methods, skills and capabilities and you can access these by joining the Kinworks network.


Four Strands

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Leading change in collaboration with others requires new ways of thinking and doing.     

Collaborative leadership skills and strong relationships between local leaders align individual efforts to achieve common goals. 

Working towards a shared vision, leaders commit to being held accountable and have the skills to deliver results.                      

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Skillfully facilitated strategy and planning processes build a shared vision and clarity about the results you want to achieve.

Creating an environment where diverse groups can articulate challenges accelerates the difficult work of implementing community-led change.

Sharing information across the system ensures plans are dynamic and adapt and respond to learning.

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Collective impact happens when people pull together and combine their resources, skills and capabilities to make a difference.

Creative engagement builds enthusiasm and grows public participation in a movement community change.

Harnessing the creativity of frontline staff and connecting these insights to management and executive layers within organisations brings a cohesive, results-based culture to life.

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Collating information and treating data as a community asset helps everyone work together with a shared focus on measurable results.

Sharing lived-experience through social research methods creates the empathy needed for collaborative change.

By enabling a continuous flow of information, insight and analysis, local collaboratives can focus on the measures that matter and adapt to learning about what works.