Professional Networking Cards

The professional networking card deck makes our network visible to each other, and to the wider community. Use it to explore and discover and create new connections across your community.

What this method does for our network:

  • The card symbolises that each individual is a member of this network and that they are open and willing to connect with others 

  • The card deck captures who is in the network and how each person frames themselves in relation to the issue of supporting young people and families in Dundee

  • We can display the card deck on the walls at each network gathering, bringing a representation of the entire network into the room.

  • By embedding the cards into the project website, the network is given a visible, accessible and human presence online – this can be used to to attract new members and attract the attention of people who would seek to engage with the network’s aims..

We’ve used the method in other localities with good results, and we hope to see the same in Dundee.

If you would like to speak to Kinworks opportunities to use this method in your area or organisation, please get in touch with our producer, Lorri at