Early Action System Change




In 2018, Big Lottery Fund Scotland launched a new £7.5 million programme called ‘Early Action System Change’.  This fund was developed to support a fundamental shift towards effective prevention and early intervention in Scotland and provided individual grants of up to £1 million to partnerships aiming to work together with local people to change the system of services and support..

It’s a sad fact, but every year at least 400 disadvantaged children and young people in Aberdeen do not have access to the support, information and positive relationships necessary to enable them to improve their lives.  While there are measures to support young people in mainstream settings, and for those with recognised needs or in crisis situations, many young people miss out on this support because they are not in school.  This may be due to exclusion, disengagement through choice, being on a part-time timetable or unable to engage due to adverse challenges they are experiencing in their lives.  It’s not a good picture.


The Big Lottery fund provided the ideal opportunity to support local partners to work differently.  The Kinworks team worked closely with Aberdeen Foyer and their partners to develop an application for funding to support an Early Action System Change programme in Aberdeen.  With their long-established track record of working alongside disadvantaged young people and families in the City, Aberdeen Foyer saw an opportunity to create a new, more person-centred and collaborative way of working across the current system to improve young people’s lives.  They also saw an opportunity to continue and extend the work they have done with us in changing the way they, and the system they’re part of, operates.

We have a long relationship with Aberdeen Foyer and have been working together for over 5 years to build their capacity for service design and collective impact. We worked together with Aberdeen Foyer and their partners to co-design the approach to system change and the collaborative was delighted when Big Lottery awarded Aberdeen Foyer and partners £850,000 to continue the local collective impact programme.



Over the next four years, Kinworks will work with Aberdeen Foyer and partners, providing expertise in system change and collective impact. We will support them in each of the four strands of the collective impact approach, building capacity for collaborative leadership and governance; translating opportunities into strategies for change, building effective engagement with young people and families; and co-designing ways to monitor and measure impact.